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Congratulations to the following Hole-in-One Shooters 


Jacki Hankinson 5/11/24 Fawn 8 with a 6 hybrid.

Jason Nepokroeff 6/1/24 Fawn # 3 with a 9 iron.

Marcia Osuch 6/8/24 Doe #8 with a 6 hybrid.

Tom Wesely 6/22/24 Doe #8 with a 9 iron

Jeff Hawks 7/3/24 Buck #8 with a 6 iron

George Walter- 5/10/2023 Buck # 2 with a 4 iron.

This is George's 4th hole-in-one @ Deerwood !

Steve DeWolfe - 8/6/2023 Fawn # 3 with a Sand Wedge

Dave Fingerlow - 8/20/23 Doe # 8 with a 7 iron

Michael Wydysh- 9/6/23 Buck 8 with a 6 iron.                  

Joe Olewnik 9/13/23   Fawn 8 with a 9 iron.

Skip Franz - 6/28/2022 Buck # 2 with a 5 iron.

Gene Holrod - 7/1/2022 Doe #8 with a 7  iron

Liz Kaszubski - 8/3/2022 Doe # 4 with a Driver

Jim Collins - 8/3/2022 Doe # 8

Daniel Kaszubski - 8/8/ 2022  Fawn # 8 with an 8 iron.

Golfer hitting golf

Have you gotten a Hole in One?  Let us know by emailing and we'll get you added to our Hole in One Club!

Junior Golf Program

The Junior Golf Program is an opportunity for youth 8-14 years old to get out and play under the supervision of a golf staff. Youth must provide their own clubs and balls.  Basic instruction and an opportunity to golf with groups of similar aged individuals.    

Check back in the spring for information on the 2024 program.


For more information on dates, times, etc email us @ 

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Deerwood Men's & Women's Club

The Deerwood Men's Club has openings for golfers of all play levels (new to the game, scratch golfers and somewhere in-between).  Club play starts in the beginning of May and runs through mid-September.  For more information on the Men's Club click the link below.

Click to learn more about Deerwood Men's Club

The Deerwood Women's 9 and 18 holers play on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings starting in May.

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